Is It Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Is It Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most beautiful thing in your life. When you get pregnant, you and your partner can have many questions in mind, and one of which is that whether you can have sexual intercourse in those 9 months of your pregnancy or not.

You may dread pregnancy can put a full stop on your sexual life. Contrary to common believe, having sex does not harm the fetus in a normal and complications-free pregnancy. Several misconceptions about sex during pregnancy mislead couples causing them to develop wrong notions on the subject. Unfortunately, most of such notions cannot be justified.

Sex During Pregnancy: How Safe?

In order to explain how having sex is safe during pregnancy, you must understand how pregnancy affects your body. Pregnancy causes your body to develop lots of changes, and first of them appears in form of paused monthly menstrual cycles.

Your baby develops in the uterus and is in protection of the amniotic cavity that develops around it. This cavity is full of fluid and supplies the baby all the essential nutrients for their development. At the same time, a mucus layer blocks the cervix (uterus opening) to stop further fertilizations.

When you become pregnant, your growing baby gets all the necessary protections by nature. The mucus layer disconnects the growing baby from the rest of body. And so there’s no way the baby can come into contact with the penis or vaginal or seminal fluids, and develop any infections. Also, this protection does not let the baby dislodge in the uterus in any way.

Different sex positions

Despite all this protection, you must be careful with adopted sexual positions. For example, missionary position tends to lay more pressure on the uterus and must be avoid during pregnancy. Also, the rear entry or doggie style position can exert the pressure on the uterus. However, you can adopt the sexual positions that do not cause pressure on the uterus.

Try spooning position where both male and female partners lie on their sides with the man at the back. Spooning is a comfortable position to keep the weight off the belly. It also doesn’t support deep penetration which tends to be uncomfortable in later stage of pregnancy. Women-on-the top is another popular and common sexual position during pregnancy. This is because it allows the woman to control the depth and angle of penetration.

Irrespective of what position you use, the only way to get success in trying out different sex positions during pregnancy is to communicate with your partner. It is very important to find out what will work and be comfortable for you and your partner so be honest about what you want and feel.

Why would your doctor advise you to refrain from sex?

In addition, it is also important to talk to your gynecologist to get your answers about sex during pregnancy. While sexual intercourse does not cause any technical problems in pregnancy, some women might have some biological issues related to their past such as premature birth and miscarriage. If you have had any of abovementioned problems in the past, then you are most likely to be advised to avoid sexual intercourse in certain months of the pregnancy.

Also, pregnant women with short cervix must refrain from sex throughout the 9 months of pregnancy. Your doctor can advice you against sex if they find certain complications in your pregnancy including signs of pre-term labor, unexplained vaginal discharge, cramping or bleeding, amniotic fluid leakage, and having multiple babies like twins. Furthermore, if you feel any abdominal discomfort or have vaginal bleeding, it is crucial to speak to your doctor before having sex. This is important because it will cover your mental and physical comfort.

When might it be uncomfortable for you to have sex?

As your pregnancy grows, your body size increases. At this stage, you may find sexual intercourse uncomfortable for you. This is also because you are preoccupied with the impending labor and the excitement of having a new baby. Your belly size is an obvious issue during the last months of pregnancy. Your breasts, on the other hand, need to be handled more gently in the early stages because of being tenderer in first trimester.

In pregnancy, sexual intercourse comes with a different meaning. When you are pregnant, your body undergoes various changes including increased breast and hip sizes which may cause your partner become more aroused. Also, the hormonal changes may induce you to become more libidinous. You and your partner can look for the ways to satisfy the need for intimacy like kissing or caressing in addition to determine what sex positions are comfortable for you.


Wrapping up, many people believe that sexual intercourse during pregnancy may harm the fetus. However, this is nothing more than a popular misconception because there’s always a good sexual position to try when you are pregnant. Remember, a normal and complications-free pregnancy has nothing to do against your sexual life.

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