The Best Time To Use Pregnancy Test For Early Pregnancy Detection

The Best Time To Use Pregnancy Test For Early Pregnancy Detection

Many women want to know when they ideally take a pregnancy test to assure accurate results. However, there is no definitive time period since every woman is not the same and nor are their pregnancies.

If you feel you’ve stepped into the early weeks of pregnancy then you’re perhaps anxious to know whether it has happened or not. It is completely natural to discover this most precious happiness of your life as soon as possible.

Thanks to early pregnancy tests that make this possible to confirm if you are expecting even before the date of your menstrual period. So, if you are wondering when you should use pregnancy test then read on…

Most home pregnancy tests rely on the presence of hCG hormone in the urine which comes from placenta. As the matter of fact, hCG is not detectable immediately especially if checked through urine-based pregnancy tests. This further means if you take the test before hCG builds up in your system, you are more likely to get a negative test result.

Furthermore, pregnancy tests that are not sensitive enough can bring about negative results when used for early pregnancy deduction. However, all this does not put you out of the race. Just use another pregnancy test when you notice you didn’t get your menstrual period.

Retesting is important to confirm an early pregnancy as there can be inconsistencies with your period charting and you may not know exactly when you ovulated. Most pregnancy tests are very easy to use and do not take much time to reveal the results.

Also, it is important that you do not take the early pregnancy test results as conclusive one. Don’t be sad if you have received negative results on your first pregnancy test as most health providers recommend retesting after a couple of days to check whether it remains same or comes differently. At this stage, your doctor may order a blood test such as beta hCG to confirm your pregnancy results.

While many women want to take a pregnancy test at their earliest, they do not feel like wasting money to just find out they aren’t expecting. It is undoubtedly nerve-wracking to wait for your periods to start, but starting at an uncertain stage on a pregnancy test can be really upsetting. Though home pregnancy tests have come a long way now, you need to wait for your period to be delayed in order to ensure accuracy on a pregnancy test.

On the other hand, the emergence of darn-sensitive pregnancy tests has made it possible to take an early pregnancy test with accurate results before you miss your period. Nevertheless, there are some important rules that you should follow when testing early pregnancy.

Know Your Ovulation

When testing early, you really need to know when you’ve ovulated. While the best way to do so is to keep a BBT chart, some women also make use of ovulation prediction tests to get an idea of when they might have ovulated.

Knowing your ovulation date is important as it directly relates to your period. A late ovulation date will not only delay the menstrual period but also interrupt in pregnancy test results.

Use A Darn Sensitive Pregnancy Test

Darn-sensitive pregnancy tests are more prone to give accurate results when testing to detect early pregnancy. Go for the brands that can deduct pregnancy 5 days before your period is due. Some of the best brands for early pregnancy detection are Clear Blue Easy and First Response Early Results.

Don’t Test At The Earliest

Though there are tests that can detect early pregnancy, do not test before 5 days of your period date or 10 days past to your ovulation. This is the time when the egg implantation has yet to take place. Once it’s implanted, your body will begin to produce hCG – a hormone the pregnancy test will be looking for in your body to confirm if you’ve conceived. Generally, it takes 2-3 days after implantation that you have produced enough hCG to reveal in a home pregnancy test.

Test With First Morning Urine

While most of newer pregnancy tests do not need you to use first morning urine, it is still helpful to use it to get accurate results on an early pregnancy test.

Read The Instructions Carefully

It is very important to read the instructions given on the pack and follow them when using pregnancy test. Make sure you follow the time limit and read the results obtained within it. Usually, the pregnancy test strips have 2 places for dye to hold on: 1 is for the control line whereas other is for the testing. At times, urine can leave a color at the test line causing the fake positive result. So, it is crucial to follow what the test has to say for its usage.

Retest To Confirm The Result

Testing really early may leave you discouraged and upset. If you discover negative result and your period is not late, don’t panic. You might have disremembered when your period was due or what your ovulation date was. There is also possibility of your urine not been concentrated enough to reveal hCG on the test. The best way is to wait for a couple of days and retest on a new pregnancy test.


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