Best Educational Toy Gift: Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag Review

Best Educational Toy Gift: Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag Review

The idea of an educational toy gift has evolved over the time. Be it parents and grandparents or close friends, most people usually find it overwhelming to decide on the first toy to present to the new baby. Things can be more difficult if you are willing to purchase educational toys. There are many different types of educational toys available that suit any age group.  Some toys are particularly designed with a focus to assist in child development such as language, motor skills and visual comprehensions. Also, other toys help stimulate senses, exercise developing muscles and create precious giggles.

Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag is one of the best educational toys for children of aged 1-5 years. These safe plastic blocks have the ability to leave such a positive educational impact on your baby. Available in brilliant colors, they allow your baby to pile them up one over other, make them fit into various shaper sorters, stack them, and drop them into buckets and so on.

The product includes portable and PVC-free bag zips so you can store all 80 pieces after your baby has played with them. These toy bricks are compatible with all Mega Bloks sets so babies get endless opportunities of building blocks. Now your toddler can build anything they imagine while using the blocks. They can fit together and come apart easily so the child can enjoy hours of an open-ended play. They are light weighted and have an easy grip which makes it perfect for your baby’s little hands.

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Listed below is how the Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag will help your infant play and learn basic skills at the same time.

Designed for Little Babies

A single bag of colorful blocks brings your toddler endless possibilities for a classic construction play. Made for little hands, these award winning blocks are very easy to hold, pile up and take apart.  They also include the oversized spines that help holding the blocks together. The blocks are light weighted and have an easy grip which makes it perfect for your baby’s little hands. Then there are the lids given for the storage tubs so the world of Mega Bloks First Builders gets full compatibility around it.

Ready to Build

The toy bricks are ready to be easily transformed into space ships, buildings, boats, trains, cars and many other toys. The key is that your toddler gets to assemble something new from the basic building blocks. Mega Bloks can be assembled, disassembled and reassembled in many new shapes to tickle your child’s imagination and stretch their creativity.

Suitable for Boys & Girls

Babies between 6 months and 2 years enjoy large and brightly-colorful toys. The Big Building blocks come in a range of color schemes including lighter pastels, cool bright colors, and classic colors. The colorfulness of the blocks tends to be the most appealing aspect for both boys and girls.      

Learning Possibilities

Playing and building work amazingly for children to learn skills, discover new things and grow. The Mega Bloks First Builders blocks provide your child the opportunity to learn building blocks hence helping in their early development. They serve as the best resource to teach your child senses for touch, spatial awareness, methodical thinking, causality, creativity, and physical ability.

Developmental Benefits

These colorful bricks are particularly designed in a way that your child can develop fine and gross motor skills as they hold, pile up and make different shapes out of them. Moreover, they also help with growing minds practice focusing, concentration and problem solving while they build and learn through this classic construction play. Children learn and explore for hours of creativity and build a new shape every time.

Easy Storage & Cleanup

The reusable storage bag of Mega Bloks educational toy gift helps parents with quick cleanup and easy storage. It’s made up of a sturdy and safe PVC-free material and includes a secure zip closure and convenient carrying handle for portability. The bag has a very compact and upright design so it can easily fit in a large range of storage spaces.

About The Manufacturer

Mega Bloks® is a reputable toy company in the United States. They produce a range of the best educational toy gift products for children helping them discover a while world of constructive play.

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